Bleach #52 and Conan #73 (Chuang Yi 5 January 2012 simplified Chinese manga)

No English manga this release.

Bleach #52 and 名侦探柯南 #73 (Chuang Yi)

Bleach © Kubo Tite/Shueisha [Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump] · Meitantei Conan © Aoyama Gosho/Shogakukan [Serialized in Shonen Sunday]. Published in Singapore as Bleach and 名侦探柯南 by Chuang Yi

If you can read Chinese, scroll down for Chuang Yi's Bleach #52 and 名侦探柯南 (Meitantei Conan) #73 previews. (On a side note: today seems to be my day for writing about Conan.)

Chuang Yi simplified Chinese manga (2012.01.05)

  1. Bleach #52 of 53+: End of Bond by Kubo Tite
  2. 名侦探柯南 (Meitantei Conan) #73 of 74+ by Aoyama Gosho

¹ Source: Chuang Yi per 5 January 2012.
² All manga retail for SGD 5.50 each.

Chuang Yi synopses

May contain   [SPOILERS!]

Bleach #52 of 53+: End of Bond
By Kubo Tite


ISBN: 978-981-4372-21-3
SRP: SGD 5.50

Since I can't read Chinese, and can't understand Gugel's mechanical translation, excerpting an alternative preview from Wiki:

With the help of Ginjō, Ichigo completly developes his fullbring powers. Not long after that, he discovers that Tsukishima used his ability to insert his presence in the past of all of Ichigo's family and friends. Along with Ginjō, he attacks Tsukishima trying to revert the effects of his fullbring and bring his friends back to normal. Then, Ishida arrives and reveals that the real enemy is Ginjō, who was the one who attacked him previously and had his memories rewritten as a cover up. Exposed, Ginjō steals all of Ichigo fullbring powers, but Rukia arrives and gives Ichigo Soul Reapers powers.

Okay, that just confused me all the more... *shrugs* Bleach 52: End of Bond compiles chapters 451–459: Welcome to Our EXECUTION 4, erosion/implosion, Mute Your Breathe Friendship, Sheathebreaker, End of the Bond 1, End of the Bond 2, End of the Bond 3, End of All Bonds, Death & Strawberry 2. [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles]

The Japanese Bleach 52 released last 4 October 2011. Volume 53: The Deathberry Returns 2 streeted 2 December.

名侦探柯南 (Meitantei Conan) #73 of 74+
By Aoyama Gosho


ISBN: 978-981-4341-90-5
SRP: SGD 5.50

Here's Wiki's a more chatty, definitely not equivalent version:

The police presume the murderer escaped out from the balcony as the doors opened up during the time of death. Conan investigates and reveals the balcony doors were tied to a system of strings connected to the large clock on the house which caused it to open at midnight. As for the murderer, he declares it to be the architect who used a modified umbrella to stab the victim. Later, Conan and Kogoro eat out at a restaurant when a costumer dies from poison. After a thorough investigation, Conan reveals the poison was applied near the lens of the victim's glasses by his barber. Conan, Ran, and Sonoko are on the way to a hotel for a cake buffet when a man seemingly commits suicide. Conan, along with teenage detective Masumi Sera, investigate and deduce he was murdered. They reveal the victim was placed in a wheelchair and pulled by a system of strings connected to the elevator which launched him out a window. Sera enrolls as a student at Teitan high-school and accompanies Ran home. Sera questions Kogoro about Conan's presence during his deductions but is interrupted when a man and three hostages enter Kogoro's office demanding him to deduce which of the three murdered his sister. The clue to the murderer is from his sister's final blog, detailing her visit from an elephant, rat, and fox.

I warned you about    [SPOILAGE!], didn't I?

Meitantei Conan 73 contains chapters 763 to 773: The Ghost of Time, The Ruler of Time, Ramen to Die For, Ramen and Poison, The Truth Over the Spectacles, Jeet Kune Do, A Detective Just Like You, Little Boy, Sera's Careless Deduction, Let's Hear Your Brilliant Deduction!, The Law of Nicknames and Possible Sniping!, [*NOT Chuang Yi's chapter titles]

The Japanese Meitantei Conan volume 73 shipped September 2011; volume 74, 14 December.

So that's my copy pasta *sheepish grin* See you next Chuang Yi release (17 January 2012, Tuesday).

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